auto darkening welding helmet
auto darkening welding helmet
auto darkening welding helmet

ProPro Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

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Looking to buy a cheap welding helmet? Here is one for you. Propro is an auto darkening welding helmet which is cost effective and worth every penny. Made with high quality material, this welding helmet is designed to protect the eyes and faces from spark, spatter, and harmful radiation under normal welding conditions.


  • Size of helmet: Width: 20 cm; Height: 26 cm
  • Viewing Area: 8.9 * 3.4 cm
  • Adjustable headband size: 52-61cm
  • Maximum height of headband: 11.5 cm; 
  • Minimum height of headband: 8.5 cm; Size of semicircle headband: 26.5 cm
  • Response time: 1/25000-30000 s
  • UV Penetration Rate: 313nm<0.00006%; 365nm<0.00006%
  • IR Penetration Rate: 780---1300nm<0.003%; 1300---2000nm<0.003%
  • Operating Temperature: -5°~+55°
  • Storing Temperature: -20°~+70°
  • Automatically ON/ OFF function
  • Shade DIN level: 11

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