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Our ski helmets are carefully designed to provide an absolute pure skiing experience. This is only possible because of high precision in shell construction and appropriate goggle and air vents equilibrium. We are delighted to announce that all of our ski helmets are safety certified and have been approved by Skipatrol Canada. 

In today's skiing world, riders are going faster and faster. To keep up with this trend our helmet store decided to reinvent protection for ski helmets. What do we mean by inventing helmet protection is that we wanted to surpass the safety standards in the present market. That is why we focused on getting very ductile yet super light carbon fiber material for making these helmets.  

Carbon fibers ski helmets have several advantages including high stiffness, high tensile strength, low weight, high chemical resistance, high-temperature tolerance and low thermal expansion.

Ski Helmets Vs Normal Helmets:

As you know that every helmet serves a unique purpose. Just like sports shoes are different than formal shoes in terms of style and occasion, ski helmets comprise of ear coverage, moisture-wicking liners, and temperature-sensitive materials. Since skiing is done at very high altitudes, the best ski helmets would be that one which provides extreme comfort and withstand extreme weather conditions. Particularly in Canada, one should check the CE or ASTM marking on the back side of ski helmets. These markings are symbols of safety standards.

Ski Helmets Measurement: 

If using a tape measure, position it just above the ears and about 1" above your eyebrows. Measure around the largest part of your head (keeping the tape level) to determine the circumference of your head. Look at the chart on the helmet packaging to find your best size.

Ski Helmets Reviews:

We believe in customer satisfaction more than anything else. Riders have provided us their ski helmet reviews who bought online from us. Please note that these are real and genuine reviews from real people. Take a look:

"Nathan: This is by far the best ski helmet I have ever purchased online. Amazing build quality and great customer support. I highly recommend"

"Amanda: I highly recommend buying the helmets from this website. This is one of the best online helmet store in Canada."

"Jason:  Ordered stylish ski helmet. Recieved in great packaging with free shipping. Really happy."