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Motorcycle helmets are one of the most prominent automobile accessories nowadays. People in Canada love to buy helmets which not only provide safety and comfort but also portray a status symbol to the audience. We carry a wide range of motorcycle helmets which meet this demand. All the biker helmets that we sell are certified and have gone through a safety and quality check. This ensures that every helmet a customer purchase on are worth every penny. Most of the motorcycle helmets are made of ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) material which is a common thermoplastic polymer. It is highly sturdy and lightweight which is a perfect setting for manufacturing a helmet. 

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Motorcycle Helmets Selection Guide:

1. Sweat Absorbing High-Density Foam

To ensure comfort for the motorcyclist, our helmets are equipped with a special type of high-density foam. We call it CoolMax. We know how much sweat you head causes when a plastic biker helmet sits on it for a very long time. Hence, we collaborated with memory foam makers in order to produce the world best sweat absorbing foam for the automobile helmets. Long story short, our helmets provide deep comfort and sweat free rides to the people.  

2. Ventilation Points

Many times, people buy a good looking helmet and readily regret their decision. The problem with most of the helmets out their in the market is the poor ventilation. There have been many incidents where a rider could not breathe in the helmet and eventually hospitalized for low oxygen level in the body. If you are a frequent long rider then we suggest that you should check the number of ventilation points in the helmet. Preferably there should be at least 3 points which can provide enough oxygen during the trip. It is also advisable to regularly check the air filter in the helmet for proper air intake. Another factor to keep in mind is that the ventilation should not exceed 1/3 of the main opening as it will cause more air flow in the shell. This ultimately will allow more air particles to enter your helmet which may affect visibility. 

3. Head Size

On every product page, we have mentioned measuring the size of your head. This is one of the most important checkpoints to purchase a motorcycle helmet. You may not want to purchase a bike helmet which does not fit into your head or a helmet which is so loose that it falls every time to incline. 

4. Color Options

Who does not colors right? To ensure every buyer on our online store gets his/her favorite colored helmet, we have invested a great deal of time and efforts to provide helmets in every color option. If you can not find a proper color it is most likely that the manufacturer has discontinued it due to sales reason. 

5. Visor cum Face Sheild

This is again one of the most important motorcycles helmet selection criteria which needs extreme attention. Nowadays with advancement in the automobile industry, people can drive a very high horsepower bike. If you have a superbike and want to buy a helmet for it you should consider full face helmets. This is because during an impact visor is the first part which is more likely to break. Since most of the visors are made up of tinted glass fiber, it has limitation to absorb shocks. People have posted some of the worst stories of their smashed face on helmet glass. Although glass helmet visors help the rider to see better but are more fragile to operate. 

The Bottom Line:

We have a large inventory of motorcycle helmets. It is up to you to decide which one is the best suited according to your needs and requirements. You can only find the best motorcycle helmet once you ask yourself about your requirements. Please remember to measure your head's circumference before ordering any helmet as it takes a lot of time and energy to refund the product. 

Happy riding!