Iron Man Motorcycle Helmets

iron man motorcycle helmets


Where to buy iron man motorcycle helmet online? Well, you are in the right place. We are offering high quality best iron man motorcycle helmets for sale. Not only that we are providing you with free shipping anywhere in Canada. So, if you are Tony Stark aka iron man fan, this is the best place on the internet to grab his helmet.

If you are new to Marvel’s iron man, let us provide you a proper introduction. Tony Stark aka Ironman is a marvel comic fictitious character who is a billionaire, playboy, and a tech genius. According to comics, he is the owner of Stark industries which is weapon’s manufacturing industry. He was once kidnapped by a terrorist group in Afghanistan. He managed to escape with the help of a mechanical human suite. After his escape, he perfected the prototype with an automatic support system. This was the rise of iron man helmets.

Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet Brands:

Helmet Store Canada is very proud to work with some of the leading iron man motorcycle helmet brands. Not only these brands are popular in Canada but also highly reliable and cost-effective. Here is the list of brands:
  • Lazada
  • Masei
  • DIY
  • Vcoros
  • Flevans

According to the BBB (Better Business Bureau), Masei is ranked number 1 iron man motorcycle helmet brand in Canada. Not only that the Masei 610 atomic-man iron motorcycle dot helmet received various editors choice and manufacturing awards in the past years.

Now you know brands that are associated with iron man helmets. Let’s dive into the types of helmets which you can buy online.  

Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet Types:

There is no doubt that helmets provide safety to riders. But choosing the right type of motorcycle helmet is more important. Different riding conditions require a different set of helmets. Hence, we have invested a lot of money in providing different types of helmets online to our customers. So, without further ado lets jump into the types.

Full Face Iron Man Motorcycle Helmets:

The full-face motorcycle helmets are the most reliable type of helmets. They provide full protection to the head as well as to the face. Many times, you must have noticed that flies and other insects land on the face of the rider if he is wearing an open face helmet.  Not only that the harmful UV rays directly affect the skin of the skin. Therefore, we highly recommend going for full face iron man motorcycle helmets. Even Tony Stark wears the same type of helmet.

Half Face Iron Man Motorcycle Helmets:

When we think of half face helmets, they are similar to full-face but with a visor upfront. The half face helmets are fully capable of providing protection to the top of the head. But the safety is compromised at the front face level due to fragile PVC Visor. If you look at our half face iron man helmets, you will find high quality toughened red colored lens. They also provide protection from harmful ultraviolet radiations. Half face motorcycle helmets should be your second choice when buying a helmet online.

Open Face Iron Man Motorcycle Helmets:

We do not recommend this type of helmet unless you like the taste of flies and bugs. They fail to provide any protection to the rider. The only advantage of buying an open face iron man motorcycle helmet is the visibility. It is obvious that without any visor and shell, you can have more visibility while riding. Due to less material and construction, they are super light and easy to carry. You may find some police officers riding with open face helmets.

Modular Type Iron Man Motorcycle Helmets:

Modular helmets are hybrid helmets. A rider can wear them as a full-face helmet as well as a half face helmet. Their popularity is rising exponentially in Canada. Most modular helmets will have a flip up style chin bar which allows the rider to easily change between a full face and an open face helmet with just the push of a button. At Helmet Store, modular helmets are priced a bit higher than ones because they are imported from the United States. If you are looking to buy cheap iron man motorcycle helmets, you can check Amazon or eBay. But we guarantee that you won’t find our wholesale prices.

Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet Safety:

You will be glad to know that our iron man helmets comply with safety standards. In Canada, there are three main helmet safety standards namely DOT, Snell, and ECE. If you purchase iron man helmet on our website, you will find the following safety rating logos on the back of every helmet. These hologram ratings prove the authenticity of the product.

dot helmet safety rating snell motorcycle helmet safety rating ece motorcycle helmet safety rating

Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet Accessories:

You can enhance the overall look of your custom iron man motorcycle helmet by purchasing the matching accessories. We offer matching iron man skins and visors for your helmet. We also offer discounts on the accessories if you buy them collectively. Please remember if you buy them separately, you are subjected to shipping costs. We highly recommend adding the matching accessory at the checkout.

Iron Man Motorcycle Helmet Sale:

From time to time we run motorcycle helmets sale on our store. Anyone can take advantage of this sale by using coupon codes. To receive a coupon code, you will have to register yourself on our helmet store with a valid email address. The coupon codes are only valid in the following locations: Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Kamloops, Kelowna, Quebec, Nanaimo, and Winnipeg.


Helmet Store Canada is the best place to buy iron man motorcycle helmets at cheap prices. We have been providing fast and free shipping across Canada for over 15 years. We have sold more than 10,000 motorcycle helmets online with less than 1% returns. Let us know which helmet would you like see in our store.