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Bicycle helmets mean safety for the head. On an average, every individual is expected to fall after 4000 miles of travel. Head injury accounts for 75% of bicycle deaths. You do not want to risk your life with that. Therefore, we have a wide range of bike helmets which you can buy online and safeguard your precious head for good. All the bike helmets are certified and tested under the strict supervision of the government of Canada. 

    Why are bike helmets necessary?

    • For the safety of the rider.
    • Sweat control and Eye protection.  
    • Because of cycling regulations of Canada. 

    It is to note that under the cycling regulations of Canada, it is compulsory to wear a bicycle helmet when driving through national highways. You may get a ticket if found riding without a helmet on a highway. Moreover, every cyclist must follow general cycling rules such as:

    1. must obey all traffic laws
    2. have the same rights and responsibilities as drivers
    3. cannot carry passengers - if your bicycle is only meant for one person

    If you are buying a kids helmet, please make sure that children do not wear a helmet on the playground or when climbing trees. Th helmet can snag and the strap can asphyxiate them.

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    The Bottom Line:

    Before ordering any helmet please measure the circumference of your head to exactly know the size range. Wearing helmet is a necessary thing. Order one for yourself now and get shipping in Canada.