Auto Darkening Welding Helmets

auto darkening welding helmets

Are you looking for auto darkening welding helmet? Well, you are in right place. We are offering top rated best auto darkening welding helmets at wholesale prices in Canada. These welding helmets use an LCD electronic shutter that darkens automatically when sensors detect the bright welding arc. We offer all welding helmet brands such as Miller, Lincoln, Canadian tire, Jackson, Hobart, and Magnum. Just so that you know, the best auto darkening helmet which is very popular in Canada comes from Miller.

Welding Helmet Price Range:

Helmet Store Canada is known for providing quality products to the customers. Hence, we have invested a big amount of time and money to bring you the best helmet in Canada. Our auto darkening welding helmet price varies from 50 to 150 Canadian dollars.  If you looking to buy affordable or cheap welding helmets, you can search on local market sites such as Kijiji. But please remember we have read some of the auto darkening helmet reviews on Kijiji. They are very bad. People are complaining about the LCD breakage. Lens replacement and battery replacement.

At Helmet Store, we are providing 1-month return warranty on welding helmets. If you do not like our product, you can simply send us back and we will refund* our amount. We also provide custom auto darkening welding helmets on demand.

Auto Darkening Welding Helmets Safety:

According to the ANSI standards, the industry standard for a welding helmet is ANSI Z87. 1+ which represents the performance of an eye protection device. In Canada, the policy requires that company will only sell auto darkening helmets which provide full protection against both ultraviolet and infrared radiations even when they are not in the darkened state. All our welding helmets fully comply with this standard. Anyone can bring a helmet expert to check the authenticity of the product.

Auto Darkening Helmet Sale:

From time to time, we run auto darkening welding helmet sale on our online store. Currently, our sale is running, and you can get a 10% discount on every purchase. You will have to register yourself with a valid email address to participate in the sale. Upon registration, a coupon code will be delivered to the registered email address which can be used at checkout. Please remember that we are not offering cheap auto darkening welding helmet but rather high-quality helmets on discounted price.

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