Motorcycle Helmets Canada: The Ultimate Guide

motorcycle helmets guide 2018

Let me guess you own a motorcycle and now you are looking for best motorcycle helmets guide online. Well, this ultimate motorcycle helmets guide will help you decide which cool motorcycle helmet is best suited for you. Our 25 years of experience in vintage motorcycle helmets field will surely help you a lot. At the end of this guide, you will be confident enough to buy the best motorcycle helmet in Canada.  So, let us get started.

Motorcycle Helmet Types:

There are five common types of motorcycle helmets which you can find in a store. Every type of helmet serves a specific purpose. So it should be in your interest to know about all these helmets to choose the best motorcycle helmet for yourself. 

1. Full Face Helmets:

full face helmet As you can see these helmets cover the entire face of the rider, hence they are called full face motorcycle helmets. They provide the best protection for the money. As a rider, one should not only consider the head injury as the only outcome of an accident. There are many cases in the past which shows that eye injury is the most common road mishaps in Canada. HelmetStore offers more than 300 full face motorcycle helmets online. All of the full-face motorcycle helmets are budget-friendly and Dot certified. 

2. Half Face Helmets

half face helmet The half face helmets are cool motorcycle helmets in Canada and are widely popular. There is a valid reason behind it. Since Canada is a very secular country in the world. The government of Canada recently allowed Sikhs to ride without helmets. In the past, they used to ride with half face motorcycle helmets because half face helmets provide better visibility and primarily protects the head. Half face helmets are suitable for moderate distances such as going to a short trip and office. For long trips, consider full face helmets. 

3. Open Face Helmets:

open face helmet The trend for open face helmets was started by Hollywood actors back in the 80's. Actors used open face motorcycle helmets to keep an eye on their girlfriends while following on a motorcycle. These helmets are lightweight and budget friendly. You can find these helmets in our store which starts from 20 dollars. Although, there is a still some problems related to open face helmets such as bug smashing on the face while riding and air pollutants striking the cheekbones etc. If you are not comfortable with these at all, consider full face helmets. 

4. Modular Helmets:

modular helmet Modular helmets are hybrid motorcycle helmets. They can convert from full face to open face motorcycle helmets with the help of a chin bar flips. These helmets are widely popular among motorcycle tourists, adventurous sports riders. These helmets are less stronger than full-face helmets as they employ a hinge which connects the flip up part. On a brighter side, these helmets are a lot safer than an open face.

5. Off-Road Helmets:

off road helmets These helmets are designed for special races and outdoor sports activities. Motocross helmets aka off-road helmets do not have a built-in shield. The rider should use goggles to protect eyes from dirt. If you indulge in outdoor sports activities then you should definitely buy these helmets. We would suggest going for the carbon fiber and advanced composite helmet for extreme protection.

Motorcycle Helmet Anatomy:

A helmet is a sophisticated machine connected with small components working together in a great fashion. A well-known motorcycle helmets maker once said that it's not the style and graphics but the small parts that make a helmet popular. A normal helmet is made up of foam, visor, linings, strap, ventilation holes, and fiber mold. Let us carefully examine every part in order to decide how to buy the best motorcycle helmet for yourself. 

  • Foam: Generally a high-density foam made up of EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) is used in making a motorcycle helmet. This foam protects the skull from severe impacts which may damage the brain nerves. Other forms such as EPU ( Expanded PolyUrethane) are used in bike helmets because of their light weight and high tensile strength.
  • Windshield: Soon enough the inventors realized that it is very important to have a windshield installed on a helmet because this can protect the eyes from wind, dust, dirt, rain, insects, and debris that may be thrown from the vehicle ahead. The motorcycle helmet visors are mostly made up of plastic. One should consider using helmet visor tint film to protect the eyes from UV rays. 
  • Certification: There are two types of helmet certifications in Canada. The one is "DOT" which conforms to the applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards. This certification should appear on the rear side of the motorcycle helmets. Another one is "Snell" safety certificate. The Snell Memorial Foundation is a non-profit organization, founded in the name of William Snell – a car racer who died of a preventable head injury. This motorcycle safety certification can be pasted inside or outside the helmet.
  • Straps: The straps are separately manufactured by textile firms in Canada. All the motorcycle helmet straps are made up of nylon and polyester. The hard lining holds the helmet firmly on the head. We recommend choosing a nylon strap over the plastic straps as they do not leave any marks under the chin.
  • Shells: This should have been on the top of our list but as it is the important element of a helmet let me explain in depth. Combining my long experience bot on motorcycles and fiber-reinforced plastics, I can tell you the best ones are made out of kevlar or kevlar mix reinforced resin. Carbon fiber sounds good but it is not very good at impact or abrasion; it is only strong attraction/compression. Kindly buy a motorcycle helmet with good reinforced resin helmet. 

The Bottom Line:

Helmets are for life and life is priceless. Never hesitate to spend some extra bucks in buying a good quality helmet for your head. You never know at what point of time, your helmet would save your life. Do not go for cheap motorcycle helmets. Nowadays Bluetooth motorcycle helmets have come up to enhance your riding experience. Sometimes they are called smart motorcycle helmets having wifi connectivity.