Motorcycle Helmets Canada- Buyer’s Guide

motorcycle helmets 2018

Helmets have existed for a long, long time; their transformation into the modern era is only recent. With companies like Bell, Arai, Shark, Shoei, AGV, and several others are working hard to make motorcycle helmets more efficient, and truly saving rider’s life.

In the modern era helmets are analogous to style. Gone were the days when helmets were built just to ensure the safety of the rider. Now they are much more than that. People look to purchase stylish and cool helmets which reflect a style statement. It is the era of mix and match and no wonder people are buying matching helmets with their motorcycles. 

If you are looking to buy top helmets, you are in the right place. I am going to provide a list of top 10 best motorcycle helmets you can buy online in Canada. All these helmets are reviewed and tested under extreme conditions by our experts. Since the helmet market is supersaturated, I have handpicked the best helmets based on safety score, brand value, and customer ratings.

Motorcycle Helmets Canada

  1. THH TX-27 full face motorcycle helmet
  2. GXT Double Visor
  3. ILM Modular Flip Up
  4. TORC T-14 Dirt Master
  5. Vintage Leather Harley
  6. ATV Motocross
  7. Karting FS-38 Racing
  8. LS2 FF-396 Glass Fiber
  9. JIEKAI FLip Up
  10. YOHE Knight Rider 

Now that you have the entire list of motorbike helmets, let us discuss the nitty-gritty of these ones by one. The discussion will showcase unique qualities, the pros, and cons of the individual helmet. So, without furniture ado, let’s dive in.

1. THH TX 27- Best Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

thh tx-27 motorcycle helmet

THH is a Taiwan company that has been making motorcycle helmets for years. Not only that, they have perfected the art of manufacturing super cool helmets. Although they are a bit pricey than other competitors, they justify prices by delivering some great features. The newly launched TX 27 is among the best sellers of 2018.

TX-27 has an advanced aerodynamic polycarbonate shell construction which comes only in premium helmets. By the way, the polycarbonate shells are very strong, tough materials, and highly used in engineering work field. Some variants of polycarbonate are transparent due to the thermoplastic polymer structure. 

The helmet comes with drop down inner sun visor which can be easily operated with one hand. Do not worry; you will also get the normal traditional type visor as well. Therefore, it is also known as dual visor motorcycle helmet.

One thing that we liked most about this helmet is the multipoint ventilation system. There are more than 8 air vents in the helmet which are controlled by adjustable intake buttons. The air intake controlling buttons are very basic yet stylish. I assume THH is very possessive about the small detailing here.

Let us look inside the helmet now. The inner liners are made with high-density ABS foam which ensures extreme comfort for the rider. ABS foam absorbs the softer impacts which occur during the gradual stop and start of the vehicle. THH is now using memory foam liners which deform according to the size of the head without compromising the overall strength.

THH TX 27 weighs around 3.3 pounds which makes it one of the lightweight motorcycle helmets in the market.  The main advantage of owning a lightweight helmet is that you can wear the helmet on long road trips. We have seen people complaining about headaches and neck stiffness due to wearing helmets on a long ride. But this is not the case with TX 27.

Keeping the helmet in place during the ride is crucial and hence TX-27 comes with super durable microfiber chin strap. We recommend you not to buy a helmet without a chin strap. If you get a chin strap helmet, please fasten it every time you ride to ensure your own security. A quick release micrometric buckle is also present on the buckle for minor adjustments to the positioning of the helmet. 

Now comes the most important feature of this motorcycle helmet-Safety Certification. Along with a stylish look and modern design, this helmet meets the European regulations for safety. This means you can ride your motorcycle with this helmet on Canada national highways freely. You can find the safety certification label on the rear end of the helmet. 


  • Modern and stylish design
  • Dual visors for day and night
  • Lightweight construction
  • European ECE R22-05 safety certified.


  • Limited color options
  • Hard to find spare parts online
  • High air noise


2. GXT Double Visor- Best Budget Motorcycle Helmet

GXT double visor motorcycle helmet

While several companies are focusing on making racing helmets, GTX is keeping things nice and simple for riders like me who prefer comfort over anything else. Well, say hello to GTX double visor helmet. With a simple minimalistic design, this is by far the most budget oriented full-face helmet in the list.

Starting off, the GTX resembles very much with a Scorpion helmet. Thanks to its unibody design and hard-shell construction, even I could not tell a difference at first. The helmet shell is made from ABS material which is a type of thermoplastic polymer. Anti-collision, anti-corrosion, and heat-resistance are some of the ABS helmets qualities.

Just like THH TX 27, this motorcycle helmet comes with two visors which provide double protection from UV rays. According to the company, all the GTX helmet visors are scratch proof and have an anti-fog coating. Sunshine can be quite harsh for your skin and eyes in Canada due to low ozone concentration. The outer visor is almost transparent which is suitable for night rides. On the other hand, the inner drop-down visor is perfect for a sunny day.

During our review of this helmet, we found that the average field of vision is greater than other helmet brands such as Arai, and Bell. A wide field of vision means you can see more nature while riding rather than just looking at the road. Please remember we do not encourage you taking your eyes off the road while driving.

GTX has managed to get around 12 air vents on the helmet without compromising the overall strength and durability. With 12 air vents, this motorcycle accessory has probably the best cooling helmet system. You do not want to a buy a helmet which cut off your oxygen supply during a rider right?

Let us now get inside the helmet and find out the details. The helmet cushion pads are made with high- quality universal foam which is washable and breathable. Unlike other helmet padding foam, the GTX uses self-adhesive 16-inch thick 3D cheek pads. Although you will not find any memory foam liners under the hood but is worth the price.

Since we are providing the list of best motorcycle helmets in Canada, we needed to make sure that this helmet complies with the safety ratings. Therefore, we found that the helmet has a DOT as well as European safety ratings.

The company claims that the GTX helmet is compatible with Bluetooth accessories. Helmet communication systems help riders to communicate easily without any halt during the ride. You can easily mount wireless mics and video cameras on the helmet. So, keep yourself connected to intercom anywhere you ride.

Overall, this street helmet is worth its price. Simple yet attractive design with extremely comfortable inner liners, this helmet is a long ride companion for sure. The helmet weighs around 2.2 pounds which is an industry standard for racing helmets. I am sure you will not be disappointed with a high cost to benefit ratio in this case.


  • Simple and minimalistic design
  • DOT and ECE-R22-05 certified
  • Wide field of vision
  • Extra comfortable 3D cheek pads
  • Bluetooth accessories compatible


  • Hard inner liners
  • Not so fast buckle
  • Cheap plastic vents


3. ILM Modular Flip Up- Best Modular Helmet

ILM modular motorcycle helmet

For years, ILM has maintained its #1 rank in modular helmets segment. This happens when you continuously produce innovative designs and bring modern technology in your products to thrive to be the best. ILM modular helmet is definitely one of my favorite motorcycle helmets in 2018.

Out of the box, I fell in love with the diamond pattern design at once. The reflection coating on the outer body of the helmet brings more appeal to the observer. There are 4 color options available online, but carbon black seems to be more popular in Canada. I think Canadians love black Eh!

Starting off, the build quality is extremely pleasing with high-quality ABS material used for shell construction. Motorcycle helmet companies such as Snell and Arai have always used ABS to provide extra strength and durability to their brand helmets. It is interesting to note that certain Petzl helmet shells are made of ABS.

Talking about the air vents on the helmet, there are 5 major air channels which provide maximum airflow into the inner compartment. All the channels can be controlled by plastic shutoff strips. With fewer air vents, the overall weight of the helmet slightly increases. The helmet weighs about 3.08 pounds which is pretty common for flip-up helmets.

Let us look inside of the unit. The inner liners are detachable, washable and sweat proof.  When it comes to maintaining hygiene inside the shell, ILM is an industry leader. This modular helmet uses thick liners to completely cover up the rider’s head to avoid any impact during the ride. Generally, larger helmets utilize thinner liners while smaller helmets use thicker liners.

When it comes to modular helmets, we always worry about the air noise because of multi-body construction. But surprisingly in the case of ILM helmet, we can say there is no wind noise of any sort during the high-speed ride.

During our visor strength testing, we found that ILM helmet can withstand 3 bullets before we could completely penetrate the visor. Even the thickness of the visor is around 0.5 inches; it has amazing strength and durability. 

The important feature which I cannot overlook is the safety ratings. Therefore, I am pleased to inform that the helmet is certified by the Federal motor vehicle safety standard (FMVSS). Not only that you can wear this helmet in Canada because it is Dot certified as well.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Beautiful modular design
  • Lightweight
  • No wind noises
  • FMVSS and Dot certified


  • Fragile secondary visor
  • Less number of air vents
  • No 3D cheek pads


4. TORC T-14 Dirt Master- Best Dirt Bike Helmet

TORC T-14 motorcycle helmet

Fun fact, you cannot spell motorcycle without “TORC” and this is why our list is incomplete without TORC helmet. TORC is currently the second largest dirt bike helmet manufacturing company in the world and T-14 is their latest creation. The helmet is a living example of incorporating modern technology while staying connected to the motorcycle culture.

The helmet comes in nice cardboard packaging containing air cushions which protect the helmet from any shipping damages. During unboxing, you will find standard safety manual and consumer guide written in English and Chinese. I am very impressed with overall helmet gear packaging and fast delivery.

T-14 is a full face helmet without sun visor because of its off-road application. But do not worry you can purchase helmet goggles at minimal prices on Amazon. The motorcycle goggles are available in different colors and sizes, so make sure you buy according to your helmet size.  Due to low ozone concentration, the UV motorcycle helmet goggles are very popular in Canada.

 Speaking of inner padding, the helmet uses high-quality self-adhesive helmet padding foam. This is very similar to memory foam material. The entire padding restructures itself according to the circumference of the head of the user. This provides maximum comfort and protection to head during soft impacts. There are 9 pieces of foam pads inside the overall padding which are thicker and dense than any other motorcycle helmet foam padding.

Talking about the chin bars, they are perfectly aligned with the padding. Although the color does not accurately match with the helmet color, this has nothing to do with the comfort and safety. If you have a thin face, you are going to get extra comfort inside this helmet.

The one thing which I did not like about TORC T-14 helmet is the absence of airflow channel buttons. There

are five major air vents which bring maximum airflow to the helmet. But there are shut off buttons which can be manually controlled. The helmet air vents control becomes more important in off-road helmets. Do you not want the dirt and tiny insects crashing on the face during off-road racing right?

Once you have your stylish sun visors it is time for helmet add-ons. The T-14 has a Bluetooth compatible integrated shell which makes it much more technically advanced than rest of the helmets in the list. Communication is very important and hence the helmet can accommodate the wireless headphones with ease. You can also add helmet face shields, horns, bows, decals, and stickers to decorate this helmet.

When it comes to soundproofing, the helmet does a commendable job. During our high-frequency sound testing, the helmet can stay at 95- Decibel equilibrium. Unlike Scorpion EXO R710 helmet, this helmet can maintain absolute silence inside the chamber without annoying the rider.

Another thing I should point out is the European helmet safety ratings. The helmet is fully safety certified and can be used on Canadian streets. Well, it is crucial to make sure the helmet is genuine and comes from the real manufacturer. Hence, you can check the safety rating logo on the rear side of the helmet.

Overall the TORC T-14 is a super cool motorcycle helmet which is built with super solid material ensuring complete protection and comfort. If issues like no dual sun visors and absence air vent control buttons do not bother you, then this is the best dirt bike helmet you can buy online.


  • Super safe and stylish
  • Ultra-plush interior liners
  • Helmet add-ons compatible
  • Great size precision
  • ECE-R22-05 safety ratings


  • No sun visors
  • An absence of air vent control buttons
  • A bit heavy

5. Vintage Leather Harley- Best Vintage Motorcycle Helmet

vintage leather motorcycle helmet

There is no denying in the fact that vintage motorcycle helmets look far better in terms of style and classic look. I have been a big of a fan of classic retro motorcycle helmets which brings a nostalgic feeling of old times. In today’s modern era, companies like Harley Davidson are working hard to blend modern communication technology into vintage helmets.

One thing I can say for sure is that leather motorcycle helmets have a solid connection with World War-2. The aviation pilots used leather flying helmets as a form of protection from cold and the noise of aircraft engines. In the early 80s, leather became a popular choice of helmet gear. Thanks to its durability, flexibility and waterproofing qualities, leather motorcycle helmets are still very popular in modern times.

Starting off with the design, the Harley helmet is covered outside with brown leather which is Dot certified. It is not easy to penetrate the shell with few shots because of high tensile ABS shell construction. During our helmet puncture test, we found it took 4 bullets to completely penetrate the shell. So, you can now imagine the strength of this retro helmet. 

The waxed string around the outer leather brings more appeal to the helmet. I have not seen this type of waxed cord in other helmets in this list. The seller confirmed that it is a cobbler string which is soft and light but brings more strength to the overall design. 

Moving on to the waterproofing test, this old-school motorcycle helmet showed no sign of moisture inside the helmet. To be very sure of its waterproofing capabilities, I tested the helmet sides as well. But water could not enter the inner chamber. Hence, I can confidentially recommend this helmet to the riders who are into water sports.

Enough praising about this old style helmet, it’s time to tell you what I did not like in this helmet. The first thing is that it is an open face helmet, therefore, you do not get full protection for your precious asset. However, the company provides add-on tinted goggles which protect eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiations and as well as flies. There are several color options available for the goggles or you can use visor tint spray to make your own.

Moving on to the soundproofing test, leather helmets are less susceptible towards air noise. As compare to plastic, EPS and ABS safety helmets, leather material blocks variable sound frequencies. Already the modern motorcycles are very loud and when you ride at high speed, the air noise reaches to level where it becomes unbearable. Hence, it comes very importantly for a motorcycle helmet to block noise inside the chamber so that rider can easily communicate on an intercom. Harley helmet passes this test easily.

Another thing I should point out is that despite being an open face motorcycle helmet, the Harley completely passes our abrasion resistance test. The shell is tri matrices and it is very hard to get to the last layer of fiberglass inside the helmet. This strongly proves that vintage Harley is one of the best motorcycles of 2018.

 Finally, the safety certifications of this helmet are quite satisfactory. With Dot certification, the helmet becomes authentic and officially approved to be used in Canada. Therefore, if you are looking to buy a vintage motorcycle helmet on a tight budget, Harley leather is the right choice for you.


  • Retro style and leather material
  • Comes with classic motorcycle goggles
  • Dot certified
  • Protects head in severe cold


  • No inbuilt visor
  • Lack of modern communication system


6. ATV Motocross- Best Motocross Helmet

 ATV motocross motorcycle helmet

ATV has a special position on our list and the reason is it is widely popular among Canadians. You can find a separate isle of ATV helmets, gloves, and gears at Canadian Tire and Walmart. Canada is world known for off-road racing and trails, therefore ATV motocross full face helmets find their lovers in every province of Canada.

Starting off, ATV motocross has trailblazing graphics all over it which makes it even more appealing and cool in terms of design. The helmet is made of high tensile 3-layer ABS shell which is a common material used in retro motocross helmets. The helmet passed our abrasion test with ease and the shell did not any deformation during the test.

ATV is an old helmet manufacturing company and in order to remain in the market, it has been innovating and ever-evolving its designs and technology. This can be seen in ATV motocross helmet as well. The Motocross helmet is compatible with several Bluetooth accessories such as wireless speakers, microphones. You can mount a camera on the chin bar to capture stunts and favorite moves without any issue.  

Moving on to the waterproofing test, I remained completely dry even on a high jet stream. If you often receive rainfall in your province such as in Vancouver, I highly recommend using this off-road helmet for an undisturbed riding. However, you will need an add-on visor for this helmet.

Talking about the air vents, there are four major air vents in the helmet which ensure cooling in the inner compartment. The front air flow grill is made up of high-grade plastic material which can be controlled by buttons. There are two ventilation grooves on the rear side of the helmet which have nice chrome coating. Overall, you will not feel a hot furnace inside the helmet during the peak summers.

The inner padding has a nice memory foam comfort and is perfectly aligned with a chin bar. Even after 5 hours of off-road racing, I could still wear the helmet comfortably without any problem. ATV claims that this is the most comfortable motorcycle helmet on the market. Therefore, I spent 5 hours of off-road motorcycle racing in the peak summers of Canada.

Now it is time for the helmet puncture test. I am glad to announce that ATV motocross survived 5 bullets on the shell. This is the highest number of bullets survived by any helmet so far. The reason could be the 3-layers of glass fiber and hard ABS high-density material. If you are looking for the safest motorcycle helmet for off-road riding, this is it!

Our helmet review is always incomplete without chin bar strength test; hence it is time to test whether your chin is safe in this helmet or not during a crash. In order to do so, I placed a melon inside of a human head to access the damage report. Surprisingly enough, the helmet survived our chin bar strength test and there was no damage to the melon what so ever.

Finally, it is time to check the safety certifications for this ATV. The Motocross is a dot approved helmet which compiles the Canadian transportation rules. In order to be dot certified, the helmet must meet strict regulations, standards, specifications, and tests. The ATV motocross meets all these conditions in our lab as well.


  • Super cool graphics and funky style
  • Best chin bar support
  • Waterproof design
  • Dot certified
  • Memory foam inner padding


  • Less soundproofing
  • No color options


7. Karting FS-38 Racing - Best Racing Motorcycle Helmet

Karting FS-38 racing motorcycle helmet

You might not have even heard about Karting FS-38 helmet but that does not mean that this helmet does not exist. Karting is one of the best helmet manufacturing companies which have been making top motorcycle helmets for the past 20 years.  There are more than 70 thousand happy customers who use Karting helmets in Canada.

The FS-38 is one of my favorite motorcycle helmets for all the reason; good looks, sturdy design, Karting is a company which looks into the future to continuously innovate their racing helmets. I can prove what I am saying right now with the help of some laboratory tests.

Starting off, the helmet has a solid built quality. It carries the right amount of size precision and overall dimensions which provide proper comfort to the rider. The helmet has all the style elements which are required in a super cool motorcycle helmet.

Moving onto our helmet tests, the first one is the waterproofing test. With a velocity of 200 miles per hour, the water could not penetrate the helmet. This is strange because the helmet is not at all thick. Thanks to the rugged and airtight design, the helmet passes our waterproofing test without any problem.

It is time for the crash test. In this test, the helmet is thrown from a sufficient helmet which is capable of damaging the helmet sufficiently. For safety concerns, I used 10 feet of height and guess what the helmet survived the crash. There was a slight crack on the left side of the helmet. This is pretty normal because helmets are made to protect the head-on collision as compared to side collision.

Do not get me wrong, I am just providing you the facts here. You may say that every helmet you review comes clean in helmet tests. Well, the reason is all the helmets on this list are the best in class and are handpicked by our team. At Helmet Store, we strive to be the best helmet review company online. 

Moving on the chin bar test, this is where I hesitate to say that Karting FS-38 helmet fails to impress me. With one strike of golf driver, the chin got 4 major cracks which could destroy the riders face. However, one should note that the distance between the golf driver and chin was close to 15-inches hence the impact was very high. This is not going to happen in real life riding.

Talking about the soundproofing abilities of this motorcycle helmet, I can proudly say that Karting FS-38 was very quiet even on 120 decibels of air noise. Thanks to the rigid construction and uniform inner liners padding, the helmet chamber is a perfect place to listen to music comfortably. 

The helmet comes with fancy visors which protect the eyes and face from harmful radiations and flies while riding. You can purchase your favorite add-on helmet lens online, but I recommend going for the only genuine lens.

Much has been said about the safety certifications in this article and I will once again state the safety ratings for this helmet here. This is a Dot certified motorcycle helmet which makes it legal to be used in Canada. Since safety ratings is a crucial parameter in our helmet selection, I can ignore it.


  • Stylish yet simple design
  • Available in black and white color
  • Dot verified helmet
  • Amazing soundproofing capabilities


  • Less number of air vents
  • Add-on accessories not only available online


8. LS2 FF-396 Glass Fiber- Best Looking Motorcycle Helmet

LS2 FF-396 glass fiber motorcycle helmet

LS2 is a company that is known for their top of the line helmet graphics that we can see in FF series. I think the company uses some of the professional graphic designers to make such breathtaking designs. LS2 FF-396 is indeed the best-looking motorcycle helmet on our list which can win spectators heart in an instant.

Particularly the United States statue of liberty design is more eye catchy and popular among Canadians. The reason for its popularity in Canada could be that both the countries are native friends and well, of course, both lie in the North American continent.

But there are other qualities as well which make FF-369 best in class. Starting off, the helmet shell is built with three layers of high-quality ABS shell. Plus, there is a glass fiber coating present on the outer most surface which makes brings more shine and glossy finish to the helmet.

The helmet weighs around 1450 grams which are quite normal for a full-face motorcycle helmet. I cannot say that this is a lightweight helmet, but you get used to it in time. The helmet gender is unisex. This means that both men and women can easily wear this helmet while riding a motorcycle.

One thing which makes me feel bad about this helmet is that it is available in XL and XXL sizes. There are no small, medium, and large variants for this helmet. Probably because this is a helmet for the hunk. So, if your head circumference is in the range of 55-58cms, you can buy XL size and for 59-61cms head size, go for XXL.  Measurement of the head is very important before ordering any helmet online.

Moving onto our helmet tests, the first one is the waterproofing test. It is no wonder that LS2 FF-369 is completely a water repellent unit. I threw the jet stream front, rear, and sideways and my head was still dry and clean. Therefore, I can recommend this helmet for water-based sports activities as well.

Best motorcycle helmets are not cheap and hence to test their worthiness, it is necessary to do a crash test. The helmet was thrown from 20 feet height on a concrete surface to check any deformities. The LS2 helmet did not any sign of crack on the outer surface and managed to hold its original shape even after the crash. This result beats the best of the best motorcycle helmets on the market.

Now it is time for our soundproofing test and I have selected our motorcycle helmets Toronto store location for easy access to tools. With a high-frequency sound generator, I took this helmet to its limits.  Surprisingly enough, I was able to listen to my list of best Hollywood songs of 2018 quite comfortably. If you often use headphones inside your helmet while riding, trust me this helmet will not disappoint you.     

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for! Lightweight design, great graphics, water and soundproof capabilities and a dot certified motorcycle helmet.


  • Great graphics
  • Glass fiber glossy finish
  • Water and Soundproof
  • Dot certified


  • Limited size options


9. Jiekai Flip Up- A Unique Motorcycle Helmet

jiejai flip up motorcycle helmet

Jiekai is a famous Japanese helmet brand and has been making way into the auto accessories market since 2012. Started as a samurai helmet making firm, the company soon senses the need for motorcycle helmets in the Canadian market. There is a rich Japanese helmets fan base in Canada who look to add their accessories into their auto gears.

You might be wondering what’s so unique about this helmet? Well, stay with me till the very end of this motorcycle helmet review. There are some hidden unique qualities which you cannot find in any other full-face flip-up motorcycle helmet in the market. I am going to uncover them one by one.

It is impossible to penetrate the high-grade ABS shell and the reason is super glued 4-layers of Lexan which is used in a bulletproof vest. In our abrasion test, it took us more than 35 minutes to completely reach to the inner EPS foam padding of the helmet. No wonder it is called the best unique motorcycle helmet.

JIEKAI-105 comes in three different color options namely matte black, and shimmery white. Due to high demand, the black variants are out of stock as of now. You can also get other custom color options on request. You also get a buyback coupon which can be used on next purchase.

Now, let’s get inside the helmet. I was literally delighted by the refreshing deodorant smell in the chamber. Upon close inspection, I found that the inner liners are made with high-grade COOLMAX material which is fully sweatproof. The liner is also detachable so that you can wash it without any trouble.

Moving onto the tests, the helmet performed exceptionally well in a crash, soundproofing, waterproofing, and abrasion test. But one thing which bothered me was chin bar test. This top-rated helmet got 2 major cracks when hit by a baseball bat from the front. This is not normal but so was my act of hitting a helmet with a baseball bat.

Overall, the helmet is worth a try. The main thing why I have included this flip-up full-face motorcycle helmet is that it is Dot and ECE certified which makes it worth every penny.


  • Military grade shell
  • Non-penetrable visor
  • A good number of air vents


  • No graphic designs
  • Annoying visor dropdown sound


10. YOHE Knight Rider- Best Motorcycle Helmet for the Money

YOHE knight rider motorcycle helmet

The last motorcycle helmet on the list is rather unusual. The reason is not many people know about this helmet manufacturing company. As matter of fact, it is from a Chinese company. I found YOHE knight rider motorcycle helmet during on online research and its simplicity and minimalistic design intrigued me so much that I decided to review it.   

At first, I thought I am looking at a Shoei helmet because of its close resemblance to Shoei GT Air helmet. Same graphics and outer shell construction, there is no denying in saying that YOHE simply copied the overall design of its competitor.

Well; in terms of price, knight rider is way cheaper than its contemporary. But a cheap motorcycle helmet does not always mean it has low-quality. The helmet is made with high-quality ABS material which is normally found in high ticket items. The helmet passed our abrasion test and scored 87 points out of 100.  

Let us now a see what we have got inside the helmet. There is a uniform, comfortable high-density padding which protects the precious asset from crash injury. Although the padding is not detachable, the company provides hygiene wipes which remove dirt easily.  There are no 3d cheek pads for extra comfort as well.

The inner liners are self-adhesive and are positioned perfectly along with chin bars. There is a quick release strap buckle which is made up of high-grade plastic and works efficiently in dangerous situations like an accident. The bottom is supported by helmet trim rubber which protects the helmet from dust when placed down.

There are 5 air channels in the helmet which can be controlled by push buttons. The maximum airflow comes from the biggest air vent placed under the chin bar. The above two air channels were working efficiently after our crash test. Helmet although survived the crash test but there was no sufficient protection from the sides.   

The helmet has a single front-facing visor which is transparent. In the summers or daytime, you might want to buy a separate black visor or goggles for this helmet. There are various color options available in the market and fit elegantly on this helmet.

Overall, the helmet is nice looking and weights around 1400 grams. If you looking to buy a cheap motorcycle helmet which is best for the money, this is for you.


  • Lightweight design
  • Racing style DNA
  • Good air flow


  • No black visor for daylight
  • Bluetooth accessories not compatible



Buying a motorcycle helmet is not an easy task. Everyday lot of companies are launching helmets with super cools designs, and inbuilt Bluetooth communication systems, the competition has reached to its limits. I hope this list of top 10 best motorcycle helmets have helped you decide the best one for you.